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Anode Cell

POLYTECHS (small) 
MET1 (small)  1-1/2"
MET2 (medium size)  2"
MET3 (medium size)  3"
MET5 (large diameter)  5"

Anode membrane cell chart
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소형 원통형 격막

Small Anode Cell


cylindrical  diaphragm


MET1  ( 1-1/2inch, 38.1mm )

MET2  ( 2 inch,  50.8mm  )

UFS small diameter cylinder  The anode cell has the largest rod-to-anode ratio and  It provides a long service life. Small diameter anode cells offer the widest variety of anode materials. Suitable for workshop and general industrial applications, especially for indexing or hoist type electrodeposition systems.

중형 원통형 격막

Medium Anode Cell


MET3 ( 3inch, 76.2mm)

The UFS medium diameter cylindrical diaphragm allows the electrodeposition system to be operated with fewer membranes than a small cell.

원통형 대구경 격막

Large Anode Cell

MET5 (  5inch, 127mm  )

It is a cylindrical anode cell with the largest diameter of UFS to operate the electrodeposition system.  Fewer membranes are used compared to other cells do.

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