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Surface voltage meter TruIDL


miniature; battery operated; Up to 10 voltage sensors.
USB connection to computer; We use Microsoft Excel as our communication portal.
LED indicators indicate functional operating status.
Leak-proof container, ground via magnet or auxiliary wire, carrying case. Measure bath temperature (TC10 only).
Voltage sensor coil wires are color coded to simplify record keeping of product placement locations.


You can adjust the sampling rate from 0.062 seconds per sample up to 4 seconds per sample.
Only the tilt switch can be controlled.
Oversampling uses an averaging process to compensate for noisy limit conditions.
The TC5 & TC10 TruIDL Loggers are for cathodic pretreatment electrodeposition tanks. The TC5A is a bipolar version.


Quantify the film thickness.
It can be installed with a harness extension cable or a protective jacket (optional) before pretreatment.
Monitors the overall performance of the anode cell and alerts you to degradation, grounding, and DC rectifier issues.
Measure up to 10 digits across large or complex product shapes.
Can be used with/or instead of bipolar monitor systems.


Storage box, shock-absorbing sponge

USB cable, charger

9V battery test clip

nylon brush


Quick Start.

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