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small size. The TruPoint Logger can be easily attached to most points of the product.

No wired, spreadsheet or PC required.

It can be easily reset to two slopes for later runs.

Maximum voltage, temperature and other information are displayed on the OLED screen.

Charge the lithium polymer battery using a micro USB cable.

The durability of the device is excellent. Designed for daily use for over a year.


Daily use will help diagnose potential E-coating problems.

It can be quickly and easily deployed on the product.

It is small and light.

Icons make language neutral.

Icon information is user friendly.

How it works

Before drying, be sure to  must be removed.

Clean only with isopropyl alcohol.

Running through a pretreatment process can shorten lifespan and is not recommended for phosphoric acid baths.

Settings allow you to customize how your device behaves.

The calibration screen allows you to update your device as needed.


Storage box, shock-absorbing sponge

USB cable, charger

9V battery test clip

nylon brush


Quick Start.

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