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Measuring Device

Voltage measuring device

(TruPoint, TruIDL)

Current measuring device


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It is suitable for quality control in a single point unit.

The above product is a device used by attaching to an object.



It is used to measure the surface voltage at various locations (5 to 10) on a conductor with a large area.

suitable  Suitable for process control.

The above product requires a (Harness) sensor.

Harnnes​ sensor

There are two models of Harness sensors.

TC-5 : 5  A sensor that can measure the voltage at a location

TC-10 : Sensor capable of measuring voltage at 10 positions

The above product is a device used by attaching each sensor head to an object with a large area or multiple sides.

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Low cost with Amp Hours  Membrane Life Meter

The above product is made by passing the electrode wire through the product.  It is a device that is installed and used.

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