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UF System

UF system design and manufacturing, UF module sales and replacement​

ultra-fine  A device that uses a UF module to perform a pressure-driven purification process that separates particulates from water-soluble compounds.

There are two types of modules for UF module.

    - diameter  We sell 4" (inch) and 8" (inch) modules.

   - UF module replacement is also included.

We also design and manufacture UF devices.

UF system consists of the following items.

  1. UF module

  2. UF housing  

  3. cleaning and filtrate tanks

  4. Pump

  5. flow meter,  turbidimeter

  6. Level sensor, temperature sensor

  7. valves and plumbing

  8. panel

How to replace UF module for electrodeposition paint recovery

  1. Stop UF system: Before stopping the system, check that the permeate tank is at full water level. If necessary, stop the permeate transfer pump and wait until the permeate reaches full water level.

  2. Cleaning operation: After adjusting the valve to allow self-circulation, fill the permeate tank with pure water and then pour in the cleaning solution to start cleaning.

  3. Shutdown the device and drain the cleaning solution: Stop the device and drain the cleaning solution inside the piping and the permeate tank. If necessary, rinse once with pure water. (5 minutes)

  4. Module housing removal: Remove the housing from the device. The detached housing lays flat on a flat surface.

  5. Housing removal: Remove the joint on the upper part of the housing. Remove the upper lid using a tool.

  6. Parts Retrieval: Retrieval of connectors and plugs. (Replace the rubber backing)

  7. Assembling a new module: Assemble the module in the reverse order of removing the module. Be sure to assemble using the recovered parts and the replaced rubber backing.

  8. Mounting the housing: Put the housing with the module back into the unit.

  9. Bag filter replacement: Replace the bag filter with a new one.

  10. Module washing: Fill the permeate tank with pure water and run the pump to check for leaks in the pipe and wash the preservative solution inside the membrane.

  11. Restarting the system: After confirming that there is no leakage in the pipe and there is no abnormality in the system, drain the washing solution from the permeate tank, fill it with pure water about half, and operate the valve to restart the system.

  12. Controlling operating conditions: Adjust the operating conditions so that the system can be operated stably by adjusting the valve.

For more details, please contact us.

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